The Best Does Not Merely Means The Greatest


EHDAS GHODRAT NIRO Company is one of the young and dynamic companies in power industry which could introduce itself as one of the best manufacturer in electrical panels in a short time. Including key factors in this profession and achieving this success are: using experienced and creative managers in this industry who updates themselves with brand new innovations and achievements in this industry. This company is full of dynamism and motivation with the goal of being the best and no merely the greatest and it could establish a good position among its rivals.



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Products and Services

محصولات احداث قدرت نیرو
Compact prefabricated substations
Design, production and post production houses and prefabricated and mobile ground ...

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محصولات احداث قدرت نیرو
Low Voltage Panels
Design and manufacture of low-voltage switchboard designs Rittal TS8 model and Sivacon-8PT model and ...

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محصولات احداث قدرت نیرو
Medium Voltage Panels
Design, development ,AIS medium voltage panels- type METAL CLAD- fixed and with drawable with Vacuum circuit breaker (VCB)

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محصولات احداث قدرت نیرو
Electrical Contracting And Facilities
Electrical services and instrumentation and industrial automation, services Cabling, ...

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The company's performance Ehdasgn the Treaty repair and replacement of MV boards Pump Station CD Abadan, full satisfaction has been made.
The company's performance in the manufacture of electrical Ehdasgn after-sales services in Amol melting steel plant project development plan, full satisfaction has been made.
Business Unit
Ehdasgn the company's performance in the Manufacturing Phase 3 copper lighting, full satisfaction has been made. ”
Phase 3 Project Manager
Ehdasgn the company's performance in the construction of low-voltage electrical data center project is complete satisfaction Khatam hospital.”
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